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Sep 14, 2017

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Compete against thousands of startups globally, win awards, get exposure and connect with fans to scale up your business.

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Get in the Ring Singapore hosted by Startup & SME Academy

Participating in the Startup & SME Academy (SSA) is not only about learning and networking. It’s also about winning by showing what you are able to: moving your business to the next level after this 2016/2017 curriculum.

To celebrate the end of the SSA’s first year, and to give every participant the chance to become the official winner, we have created an interactive and fun-packed challenge in collaboration with Get in the Ring. All aspects of entrepreneurship discussed over the past year will come together in this SSA final, with special guest the former Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Professor Jan Peter Balkenende. On top of this, you have a chance to win a spot (and free flight) at Get In The Ring’s annual Global Conference in 2018. Join this selection event for the Global Startup Competition of Get in the Ring! Be one of the startups that compete to gain exposure, perfect their pitch and get connected to investors, business leaders and other startups enthusiasts.


Participating in Get in the Ring is not only about winning the competition. Therefore we have a great program:

part 1

Pitch Training | 3pm - 5pm

Practice your pitch together with peers and get feedback from experts during this training session. Experienced entrepreneurs Joeri Gianotten, Partner at AccelerAsia, and Clement Chio, Presence Coach at Speechionizers, will share their expertise and help participants with their pitches during this first part of the program.

Part 2

Selection pitches | 5pm - 6.30pm

Participants will pitch for a spot on the main stage of the competition. They will have to pitch in front of and convince an experienced jury why they should proceed to the next round.

Selection jury:

  • Mare Straetmans, PortXL
  • Jasmine Toh, Quest Ventures
  • Wen Chun Lee, Fundnel
  • Catherine Barr Randall, FutureBrand
  • Gene Kwee, Mazars
  • Carolien Sandee, PortXL

BREAK | 6.30PM - 7.30PM

part 3

live battles | 7.30pm - 8.30pm

The highlight of every Get in the Ring event! During this competition selected startups will battle on the main stage in front of a large audience, and demonstrate their unique value proposition to a high profile jury and compete for the attention of potential fans, and a ticket to Get in the Ring’s annual Global Meetup.

Champion jury

  • Ambassador Ms Margriet Vonno
  • Prof. Balkenende
  • Maarten Hemmes, Carpal
  • Minos van Joolingen, BANNING legal & tax
  • Melissa Lim, Lady Boss

Part 4

networking drinks | 8.30pm - 9.30 pm

At the Hollandse club

A few things to note:

  • Part 1 and 2 are open to participants, crew and jury only. Part 3 and the networking drinks will be attended by a larger audience present at the Hollandse Club. This means during the Battle competition there will be a real opportunity for exposure to a wider community.

  • Participants have to join the full event, which means it is not possible to join in part 2 (and 3) of the program only without following the pitch training.

  • There will be a cap on the number of participants and if registrations exceeds that cap, the SSA committee reserves the right to select participants at its sole discretion. Registrants who are not selected for this event shall be fully refunded.

Why participate
For every participant we have great opportunities:

Millions of fans
Connect with potential fans such as investors, corporates, talent and experts involved
Global exposure
Get global exposure and contacts through a network in 100+ countries
Pitch Perfect
Participate in an exciting and educating process to perfectionize your pitch and get feedback from experts

Global Meetup
Win awards and a ticket to the final at the Global Meetup in May 2018

“This was a really amazing event, high energy, high impact and the stakes as an entrepreneur pitching have never been higher” - Justin Coetzee, Founder GoMetro

Startups we are looking for
Get in the Ring is cross-industry. We live by the rule that the future is uncertain and innovation comes from areas you can't foresee.
Whether you are in robotics, software, agriculture or medtech for us it's all good. We do however have a preference for startups that are aiming to make a positive impact in this world.

Requirements Startups
Can you imagine yourself, standing in the ring, battling head-to-head, making fans and do you meet the requirements below? 
Then you're good to go!

  •  Innovative and scalable business idea/model
  •  Launched less than 8 years ago
  •  Pitch fluently in English


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