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Seoul , South Korea




Nov 14, 2017

2017-11-14 00:00:00 2017-11-14 00:00:00 Asia/Bishkek Get in the Ring South Korea South Korea Pinaki Dasgupta

    Get In the Ring은 세계기업가정신주간의 주요한 행사 중 하나로, 유망한 스타트업들이 서로 경연을 벌여 투자를 확보하는 세계적인 스타트업 경진대회입니다. 또한 전세계에 있는 유망 창업가들이 투자자들과 고객들, 잠재적인 파트너와 활발히 교류할 수 있도록 적극 지원합니다.

    권투 경기장 모양의 사각링에 올라가는 스타트업은 5번의 라운드를 겨루게 됩니다. 각 라운드는 투자자가 관심있게 보는 분야와 관련된 주제로 구성하였습니다. 각 배틀은 두 개의 스타트업 팀이 1:1로 피칭하게 됩니다. 짧은 시간에 투자자들에게는 투자와 파트너십의 기회를, 창업을 잘 알지 못하는 관객들에게도 역동적이고 재미있는 이벤트를 제공합니다.

    <라운드별 주제>

      0 라운드 : 자기소개

      1 라운드 : 팀 소개 (창업자의 기술, 경험, 독창성, 장단점 등)

      2 라운드 : 판매, 수입, 고객, 파트너십 등 성취 내용

      3 라운드 : 사업모델과 시장설명

      4 라운드 : 금융지원 및 투자 제안

      5 라운드 : 자유피치

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Compete against thousands of startups globally, win awards, get exposure and connect with fans to scale up your business.

About this event

Get in the Ring South Korea is a selection event for the Global Startup Competition of the Get in the Ring Foundation. This yearly pitch competition challenges you to show what you’ve got in an actual ring. Through 1-on-1 battles, you will compete for awards, a place in the Global Meetup and the attention of potential fans.


Participating in Get in the Ring is not only about winning the competition. Therefore we have a great program:

Get ready

Pitch Training

Practice your pitch together with peers and get feedback from experts during these training sessions.



Participate in one-on-one pre-matched speed dating sessions with investors and business leaders and discover business opportunities together.



During the selection round you will pitch for a spot on the main stage of the selection event. You will have to pitch in front of an experienced jury and convince them why you should proceed to the next round.


Award show

The highlight of every Get in the Ring event. During the award show the best startups will battle on the main stage, show what they’ve got and compete for the attention of potential fans and a ticket to the global final.

Why participate
For every participant we have great opportunities:

Millions of fans
Connect with potential fans such as investors, corporates, talent and experts involved
Global exposure
Get global exposure and contacts through a network in 100+ countries
Pitch Perfect
Participate in an exciting and educating process to perfectionize your pitch and get feedback from experts

Global Meetup
Win awards and a ticket to the final at the Global Meetup in May 2018

“This was a really amazing event, high energy, high impact and the stakes as an entrepreneur pitching have never been higher” - Justin Coetzee, Founder GoMetro

Startups we are looking for
Get in the Ring is cross-industry. We live by the rule that the future is uncertain and innovation comes from areas you can't foresee.
Whether you are in robotics, software, agriculture or medtech for us it's all good. We do however have a preference for startups that are aiming to make a positive impact in this world.

Requirements Startups
Can you imagine yourself, standing in the ring, battling head-to-head, making fans and do you meet the requirements below? 
Then you're good to go!

  •  Innovative and scalable business idea/model
  •  Launched less than 8 years ago
  •  Pitch fluently in English


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    Global Middleweight Winner Get in the Ring ’16/’17


    Global Heavyweight Winner Get in the Ring ’16/’17