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Jun 10, 2018

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Welcome to Van Oord

This year, as Van Oord celebrates its 150th anniversary, we're recalling the past and looking forward to the future. We'll be marking this important milestone around the world with several events that pay homage to the past and embrace the future. One of the events is a dedicated Van Oord Innovation Challenge.

Van Oord Innovation Challenge

We are looking for startups active in marine infrastructure and offshore energy projects. Towards a more sustainable future, the need for enhanced coastal protection and sustainable energy is on the rise. Van Oord takes an active stance in the energy transition, in order to meet the growing demand to enable a decent quality of life for people living in coastal regions and beyond. 

Based on our Vision, Mission, and the approach of our Corporate Innovation, Research and Development team, we have formulated the following Main Challenge:

When carrying out Marine Infrastructure and Energy projects (outside in), how can Van Oord create added value on SDG Themes 7 (sustainable and affordable energy) and 13 (combat climate change)? 

How can Van Oord use its Equipment and Engineering and Estimating tools (inside out) to create added value on SDG Theme 9 (innovation and sustainable infrastructure)?

  We have listed several themes / ambitions:


Make our societal added value obvious.

Make smarter use of raw materials (circular; think about materials such as sand, silt, steel).
Accelerate the transition to generating less CO2 during our operations (use renewables, reduce emissions, increase biodiversity, use space more efficiently).
Make smarter use of digitalisation and data (e.g., to improve energy management on board vessels).

How will this unfold?

The marine industry must play a crucial role in powering progress. What needs to be done in the coming two decades is to accelerate new business models and enable new innovative technologies. Integrated solutions that are effective, profitable and scalable, preferably on a global scale.

Van Oord is looking for game changing solutions that address the challenges of climate change and energy transition. Who dares to contribute to this; are you a scale up, startup, early stage organisation that can make the difference?

The Challenge

The Van Oord challenge raises the bar and calls for the best, potentially game changing solutions to come forward and work with Van Oord. Van Oord strongly believes in cooperation when aiming for new technologies and innovations which solve/tackle the challenges in climate change and empowers the progress in energy transition. We aim to select ten teams/startups to work towards a solution that will be pitched in November 2018.

What’s in it for you?

  • Professional support from Van Oord for setting up a mature business case for your proposal
  • Assistance in preparing a mind blowing pitch for the business case at an international Conference in Rotterdam (Netherlands)
  • Two winning teams will work with Van Oord in 2019 on their proposed solutions
  • Exclusive coaching from Van Oord experts during 2019
  • Access to Van Oord’s global network

Additional Criteria
Your solution should be: (see notes defining the challenge in Dutch)
  • Accelerating the energy transition
  • Providing – game changing - solutions for climate change / climate adaptation
  • Globally deployable by Van Oord within the next 2 years

Are you ready to take the Challenge?

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